Support for the Life of Your Floor from Bona® – The World’s Leader in Wood Care Products

A Greyne hardwood floor can last for generations – becoming an investment that permanently enhances the value and beauty of any property. What makes this possible is the Bona System® from Bona – hands down the world’s leader in the innovation of sustainable products for hardwood flooring. The Bona System includes:

  • The Bona High Durability Finishes® we use to protect all our UV cured floors – eco-friendly and VOC-free for environmental safety
  • The installation and maintenance products we recommend for ensuring our flooring goes in beautifully and stays that way

Bona’s innovations have helped us make our hardwood floors so durable and long lasting they can go into commercial and residential spaces where they wouldn’t dare go before – including light commercial offices, residential kitchens and most active spaces. And they can help you keep your floor beautiful for a lifetime.

The Bona System for a Lifetime of Beauty

Bona® is with you every step of the way, offering five simple steps to beautiful, lasting flooring:

1. The Bona System® of products and services starts with premium finishes. Bona High Durability Finishes® provide the highest levels of wear and scratch resistance.
2. Hand-picked and fully trained on the Bona System of products and services, Bona Certified Craftsmen® know how to protect your floors and bring out their natural beauty – and are ready to help you if needed.
3. Bona silane-based adhesives we recommend for installation offer a unique combination of elasticity and strength. This technology ensures your floors won’t crack or separate from the sub-floor. Most importantly, the adhesives don’t mar the floor’s finish like urethane adhesives do.
4. Protecting your investment is easy with Bona’s specially-designed premium floor care products like mops, microfiber pads and cleaners that dry fast, leave no residue and are safe for your family.
5. Bona provides an unmatched floor restoration program that allows homeowners to REVIVE, RESTORE or REFINISH™ the floor, ensuring a stunning look for years to come

Walk with Confidence with Bona

At Greyne, we trust the Bona System®. It means you get the quality products and services that have earned Bona® the top brand recognition and loyalty within the industry. To buy any of Bona’s full range of hardwood cleaning products and accessories visit Bona’s website. The site is your resource for more information about Bona finishes and floor maintenance. It also offers you access to Bona Certified Craftsmen.

If you have questions, contact us.