We get it. You’ve purchased an exclusive home in a high-end neighborhood. Your hard work has paid off and you are now living your best life. Except for one thing. Your exquisite decor is not yet complete because you do not have chic, elegant, yet trendy hardwood in your home. Take a deep breath, that’s where Greyne comes in. We totally understand the importance of high quality, custom flooring. It’s our MO and we’re more than happy to serve you. But it’s choosing from our amazing collections that may be the difficult part. Allow us to make a suggestion as to where you might begin.

Perhaps nothing says “This is so me” like our Lifestyle Collection. We meticulously select these planks because of their distinctive grain patterns. They are fashioned from top-grade hardwoods and you can only find their widths and thickness in the highest quality products. Another important aspect to note, is that we select these planks for our hardwood flooring because of the unique effect that can be created via hand-applied treatments. Each plank exhibits its own individuality of depth and tone within the traditional color palette.

But, we don’t want to keep you in a box, of course. If after perusing this collection you’re in love with the planks but not the colors offered, fear not. We can create a completely new shade that is more reflective of your personal preference and style. We want you to be in love with flooring as much as we love the process of achieving customer satisfaction.

Which is another reason why you don’t even have to choose from this particular collection. If you’re searching for one-of-a kind flooring, but it’s not in this particular collection, feel free to have a look at the other options offered in our Exclusive Luxury Collection. Remember our motto: if you can imagine it, we can create it.